Monday, 26 October 2015

more wildlife

I found this huhu beetle (tunga rere) on its back in the kitchen at the Waipapakauri Motor Camp in the morning when I went in to make a cup of tea.
According to John Early in “Know Your New Zealand Insects and Spiders” these critters are active at night and their attraction to lights causes them to crash into windows and walls. “They can give a nasty nip” - yes I can attest to that!!..this thing wasn’t happy about being rescued and clung to my hand with its spiny legs and tried to cut my finger off!!
These are the beetle form of the huhu grub - “a good source of protein and fats”.

 I think that this long-legged specimen is a species of the House Crane Fly.
I spotted it in the toilet at the Men’s Shed in Keri Keri. Many other unfortunates of its kind were hanging from the spider’s webs in the corners of the room.

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