Friday, 21 August 2015

an introduction:

      It's said that history is mainly about men behaving badly: Cannibalism, Slavery, Head Hunting, Wars, Invasion, Violence & Rapine, Extermination, Appropriation, Religion & Sex - who said that New Zealand history was boring?

During my 2015 spring roadtrip I will explore some of these issues in the towns and villages I visit along the way.

In October I will head to the Far North of New Zealand from my home in Auckland, up the eastern side of the North Island as far as North Cape, then turn and head south again - over to the West coast and on down the centre of the island back to Auckland.
On the way I will note my observations on geological, natural, and social history; visit Men’s Sheds; and talk with as many local characters as I can to learn about their area and hopefully hear a few interesting tales - the taller the better!

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